Upskill The World

Embracing the Power of Learning in Uncertain Times


It’s important that we support one another, and when able, prepare for a better future. In looking for a way to help, we have partnered with Rolls Royce on their initiative: ‘Upskill The World’. This effort is designed to prepare for the future by increasing individual skillsets.

The resources on this page can aid in developing or strengthening a new skill set. Simply log in above to obtain access.

Expand Your Knowledge/Problem Solve:
(Expert Insights, Tips & Tricks)

On-Demand Webinar | Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Solve Real-World Problems
On-Demand Webinar | Looking at Learning with 2020 Vision
#ChatwithSME Video | From AI to Adaptive, the Future of Learning is Here
Infographic | Data Science: Defining the Pieces of the Data Puzzle
Expert Blog | How can Artificial Intelligence support your Big Data architecture?
Expert Blog | Do you need artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise in house?
eBook | Manage the Complexity of Your Big Data for Business Gains

Formal Learning Paths & Training Framework by Industry:

Learning Paths | Data Science and Big Data